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How can your brand make the most of Strategy and Strategists?

December 06, 2022 / by Seetaram Mukhesh Dodlanki

Well, if we have to give you a one-sentence answer, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with a bunch of talented strategists. But, we’re here to write a blog about it so that you can have a bit deeper understanding of what these so-called ‘strategists’ do. Let us try to put that in simpler terms. Considering that you’re aware of the game Cricket, the goal is to win the match. The plan of action that the players step into the field with is the Strategy. And, strategists are the Dhonis, Virats, and Rohit Sharmas making changes to the plan of action during the play to match the opponent’s game and achieve the goal.

In other words, having a solid strategy isn’t just enough. The marketing world goes through rapid changes in a matter of days. There’s always something new that your audience will be talking about. And, you SHOULD have a bunch of talented strategists to keep your strategy alive. There should always be constant little changes that need to be done to the strategy to better align your brand’s path to success. So, in this blog, we’ll be breaking down the path of a brand while pointing out the role of strategists and how they use the brand’s strategy to yield successful results.

How does a strategist help lay the foundation of your brand?

Evolution is one of the most natural and fascinating processes that the universe goes through. We know that we’ve suddenly changed the scale of this entire blog by mentioning the Universe. But, that’s only to get you to understand why it is important for anything to evolve as time goes by. Learning the importance of survival and making changes to habits is how we define evolution.

What does evolution have to do with the brand, you ask? We’re just getting there! If you observe the strategies during the 1900s, there isn’t much brands could do. There were very few mediums they can advertise their brand in. And, there’s not much research on who their audience is. So, brands advertised wherever they could. Compare that to today, and you can now understand why we talked about the universe earlier. Today, there are countless mediums you can advertise your brand in.

So, how would you decide where you should promote your brand? Well, that’s where strategists come in. By executing deep research into the trends and previous attempts by various other brands, strategists are more than capable of coming up with the right platform to advertise your brand. Not just that, if you insist on using a platform that isn’t suitable for your brand, strategists CAN alter the strategy to fit your needs too. In other words, strategists are like artists that make balloon animals. Tell them your requirement and with a few twists and turns, you’ll have what your brand needs.

Implementing like it’s supposed to

You have a strategy! Great! So, you’ve started marketing your brand and building up your audience. Within a week or so, you’ll realise that your audience is getting bored. If there’s one thing that is inevitable in this world is that everybody gets bored. The world today is running so fast that every strategy that you have works only for a few weeks. Once that pattern repeats, your audience’s interest in your brand starts to drop. So, how do you counter that?

The attention span of the audience these days is like a baby’s. It changes rapidly. While brands might find this surprising and to be frank a little frustrating, we consulting agencies find this challenging and exciting. Strategists are trained to locate where your audience spends time frequently. Also, they are well aware of the topics that your audience is talking about at the moment. Using this knowledge, they can make small little tweaks to the strategy and get their attention back. A strategy is a long shot that propels your brand towards success. While strategists are the drivers that make constant tiny adjustments to the strategy so that your brand stays on the path to success.

Once your strategy is working, it’ll be time to make an analysis of how the brand has performed. Evaluating your brand’s performance will give a rich understanding of how to be efficient and resourceful. Strategists are the ones that make reports on what’s working and what’s not and… you guessed it… make changes to the strategy to shorten the time to achieve the brand’s goals.

With all this being said, we hope that we have established a good idea in your mind of how important it is for a brand to have a strategy and strategists in place. We, at Anagram, are a bunch of talented and challenge-hungry individuals that decode chaos and provide the right way for brands. With our expertise, we were able to provide successful strategies for many brands and we’ve been a part of propelling these brands towards success. So, if your brand is in need of any of our services, please feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll be excited to work with you and provide perspectives from different points of view.

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